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Examples of projects and automations realized

Pipe welding control equipment

In this application the customer needs was satisfied by an accurate TIG welding with cold wire control and a real time control over all the pistons and electrovalves.

Also the rotation speed and the distance from the tungsten and the pipes was fundamental parameters to be kept under strict control. (AVC)

The final product thas is using those pipes push the liquid inside them at 500 bar of pressure and curve the pipes on the welding point for about 60 degrees.

The total time cycle, positioning and welding, was another critical goal that has been successfully satisfied: less than 120 seconds.

Marking and labeling for tracebility

The customer needed to trace every semi-finished piece of its production. His goals was to find the reason for some particular damages encountered in another work phase.

To reach this objective we integrated a micropercussion marking unit that signs with a Datamatrix 2D code a stainless steel label and a adesive barcode. Moreover we realized a consistency check during the working phases by comparison between the data from an internal database and the data read by a barcode-reader connected wirelessly by bluetooth connection.

Finally we recorded all these data on a “.csv” excel file so that the IT manager can analyse them and extract the actual working time.

Industrial wireless controller

The primary goal to be achieved in this application was to avoid to run wires on the factory.  Because of the presence of strong radio interference injected by old electric equipments already installed on the factory, standard wireless interface failed to assure a stable connection.

The secondary goal was to collect data from existing equipments and control some new devices.

Thanks to its industrial wireless module and its robust power input/output interfaces, our PLCTOUCH successfully managed to outdo all these tasks.

Adding GSM comunication feature

On some flower vending machine there was the need to know if the automatic distributor had ended its products, if it ran into an error, what kind of products did he sell and when it sold them. With these information, the owner can operate a better maintenance and plan efficently the refill operation.

But the old electronic board installed on these distributors do not allow to add some devices to do the task.

Moreover, in the place where the vending machines were installed there was no internet connection.

So here comes a kit that, reading directly the lcd display of the distributors, capture all the needed information and send them by SMS using a GSM -modem.