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Our controllers can be formed by any of our electric cards. Most of them have its dedicated microcontroller installed. The comunication between the cards is assured by a fast local bus and, where it’s needed, by a RS485 proprietary LAN.

Examples of Cards Actually Available

16 In/Out NPN Programmable

Dual Switching Voltage Regulator

OverCurrent protection

OverVoltage protection

OverTemperature protection

Fault detection

8 In/Out NPN Programmable

4 Fast Input PNP

Switching Voltage Regulator

Liner Regulator for PNP inputs

OverCurrent OverVoltage protection

Fault detection

8 Relais output

Varistor protection

1A max current per output

120VAC max voltage per output

30VDC max voltage per output

Activity signaled by leds

4 Fast input PNP

4 Input PNP

Switching voltage regulator

Activity signaled by leds

2 Analog output +/-10V

2 Analog input +/- 10V

2 Relais output

Linear Regulator

Galvanic isolated

100W DC motor driver

2 Fast  Input PNP

Switching voltage regulator

45VDC max motor voltage